New Скраб для тела

White tea Scrub for body

Tea card

Coming back from China, we were so much inspired by different sorts of flowered and fruits tea, that we decided to create something similar in aroma compositions. Bright crisp notes of Ceylon tea are combined with fruits’ freshness and mint coolness, and bunch of exotic flowers are added by softness and warmness of woody accents. Be inspired to escape from city jungles and make a tea journey to paradise corner, created especially for You!

White tea

Extract of white tea is considered to be elixir of youth. It in a magic way calms and nourishes the skin, giving it vitality and brightness.

Scrub for body

Cacao oil, cane sugar, vitamin E, coffee seeds. Mixture of cane sugar, cacao oil and coffee seeds provides ideal nourishment and skin toning. 

Private Llabel Brand ( PLB) made for order