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Soap for body Emerald


Soap for body Emerald 450 ml.

Soap for body and hair contains more 92% ingredients of plant origin. Organic oil of cacao, which is a part of ingredients, promotes regeneration of cells, nourishes and softens the skin, and is irreplaceable in care and restoration of damaged, dry and weakened hair, returns them full strength and shine. Product doesn’t contain SLS, parabens and silicones. Only natural preservatives and colorants are used in the production. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Avocado oil returns to hair natural strength, stimulates collagen production by the body and accelerates regeneration of cells in the skin. Papaya oil cares of problem skin and prevents hair loss. Patchouli oil has smoothing and refreshing effect and also makes hair shining. Passion fruit vitaminizes and renews the skin. 

Private Llabel Brand ( PLB) made for order