New Гель Для Душа “Happy Moments”

Shower Gel “Happy Moments” of SENDO care line

Moisturizing Shower Gel “Happy Moments” of SENDO care line

The new line of shower Gels "Moments" from SENDO in Korean style is designed for young and stylish ladies. 

The formula of beauty of gels SENDO "Moments" makes the skin smooth and velvety, leaving alluring fragrance and freshness for a long time.

SENDO “Happy Moments” Shower Gel of lilac color with a zebra print will emphasize natural charm and give freshness in the morning and for the whole day. 

SENDO “Happy Moments” Shower Gel with a grape extract will give your skin:

- moisturizing

- nutrition

- protection from adverse environmental factors

- toning

- firmness and elasticity of the skin

- preservation and extension of youth 

Parli's SENDO "Happy Moments" Shower Gel is suitable for regular use to any skin type. Stay on the positive wave and surprise with charisma this summer with Parli's SENDO "Happy Moments" Shower Gel. 

SENDO “Happy Moments” Shower Gel of Parli's company - fresh summer in a fashionable style!