New Крем- уход для зоны декольте и бюста Donna

Care-cream for décolleté and bust Donna


Nutritious cream Donna is able not only to return attractiveness to décolleté but to protect the skin from premature aging and fading. Shea oil due to high proportion of unsaponifiable fats of shea possesses unique rejuvenating characteristics: it awakens deep regeneration processes and stimulates the synthesis of natural collagen.

Moisturizing, softening and anti-aging characteristics of the Oil perfectly suited for preventing skin thinning and combating small wrinkles.

Rosemary oil stimulates local blood circulation, normalizes metabolic processes in the cells. Cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Cotton extract is rich in proteins and unsaturated fatty acids which nourish the skin, promoting regeneration and moisture retention in the skin.

Collagen tightens and firms the skin, aligns the relief, improves overall skin tone.

Shea oil moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin.