Parli Parfume


The company Parli is based on one of the biggest perfume manufacturers ofRussia. Modern universal equipment has powerful reactors for preparation of perfume. A workshop for the preparation of liquids includes more than 80 reactors of different sizes. In dependence of customer’s needs, loading varies from a minimum of 170 kg. up to 2 tons for each reactor. The main equipment of the workshop/manufactory is two cubes reactor. Mixture of special cleaned water, alcohol and fragrance is happening there. After all when the liquid is mixed, it proceeds to bottling unit through special tubes which are equipped by the system of filtration. Simultaneously 20 different types of the production can be produced on the line. The productivity of the conveyor is 14 000 productions for one shift, it is about 20 minute. Productive power of the factory is equal to 50 million pieces per year. 35 % of all perfume and cosmetics of the Russian market are produced here. And, of course, among a hundred of products there are the very ones which are ordered by the European companies. Each product produced on the factory passes through all necessary tests and certification. The production is totally automated.
Forming partnership relations with clients and ability to listen to the client during the negotiations is a key of successful sales! The clients are not only partners for us but real people with whom we set up goals, build plans, create new projects and divide success of our products.
Long-term and effective business is based on the trust. Big trading marks of Russia and CIS trust us not only the first year, which shows reliability of our company and quality of client services.
The practice in the sphere of marketing and advertisement, working together with us forms a team of experts with a unique set of competences, which convert our inventions into pragmatic marketing solutions. Our offers are not only beautiful ideas but creative solutions of your business-tasks.