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About Company

“Parli” is a Russian manufacturer of perfumery and cosmetics mass and middle market. In our collection there are classical flavors and ultramodern tendencies of perfume fashion. Shampoos, balms, gels, creams. We create perfume, both under the brand "Parli", and products under our company partners’ own trademarks. Admirable feedback about our products are quite natural. Because our fragrances are created by famous perfume couturiers, who have entered the history of world perfumery art. We cooperate with the largest manufacturers of perfume compositions from France, Switzerland, Germany. 10 years ago we started to create and sell perfume under the brand "Parli". In 2015, fragrances "Parli" won the prestigious awards of the international perfume contest FIFI Russian Fragrance Awards. Eau de toilet for women “Floral Aramis” received the professional "Best fragrance of the year" award in the category MASS MARKET Femme. And eau de toilet for men "BonAmi Noir celebration" - "The best fragrance of the year" in the nomination Best Value.

Development of product recipes is conducted in a unique scientific and experimental laboratory. In a mini scale, the laboratory repeats the entire production cycle. From it begins the creation of any product. In accordance with the needs of the customer or, based on trends in the market, the recipe and perfume composition is selected by the marketing department. We are sensitive to the needs of our customers, and that's why we enrich our range with skin care cosmetics. It is possible to develop recipes for various product groups: shampoos, balms, gels, creams, sunscreens and much more.

"Parli" is friendly and united team of like-minded people, professionals who love and know their business. Thanks to professional work of the team, we established links with leading designers and suppliers of raw materials and components. Therefore, our customers and partners are happy to receive the products of the Russian manufacturer at affordable price. One of the components of effective cooperation with our customers is a perfectly organized storage system for finished products. Thanks to a digital database, any employee can track the movement of a product. Collect the order for a client in just 20 minutes.

Building partnerships and listening to the customer at the negotiating table is the key to successful sales. Whatever we do, we always think about how to make cooperation with our partners even more convenient. We can offer you a little more than you expect from us.